What You Should Know About The Scientific Research Paper Citation Format

Citation is important in academic assignments and even any form of writing because when you take ideas from other authors and use their quotations you must give the credit and acknowledgment to them. If you do not cite the source and write the text from another author then you will be plagiarizing. You do not want to have the blame for plagiarism or cheating and do not want the teacher to think you have been copying. To cite a source in the body of your paper, you need to use different formats depending upon the subject you are reading, the format you need to follow, the specifications from your teacher and the status of the work you are citing

If the work you are citing is published then you will have to use a different format for the citation as compared to an unpublished work. Similarly, if you are going to cite something published on the web versus something published in a database, the format will be different

Different scientific research papers have different requirements and formats but the citation will vary between some major styles. In scientific papers, you typically, write the last name of the author, the year of the publication and the page number of the book where you quoted. Look at the points below to understand what you need to do

  1. Include the last name of the writer and the year in which the paper was published in the body of your paper and leave the rest for the reference section where the reader can check the complete list e.g. Dania 1900

  2. You may as well include the page number of the book where you took your quote or text from so that it is easier for readers to track it and aid further research. This will make them sure of the authentication of your work as well as locate the information in the original source. E.g. Dania 1900, 102

  3. If a paper has two authors then you should include the last name of both the authors like ( Dania and Diana )

  4. If the paper has more than two authors than you can write the last name of the first author and write “and” “or” others followed by the year

  5. If you are not sure about the name of the author you can use short form of anonymous like Anon 1900


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