Expert Advice on Writing a Research Paper in Third Person

If you are given directions on writing research paper in the APA format, expect to read a guideline which says the text needs to be written in the third person. APA wants this style of writing because it is less subjective. Moreover it permits the writer to give more generalized comments. The third person takes attention away from you and directs interest towards the facts and conclusions. There are some qualities to the third person which makes it stand out. Think about these as you compose your work.

  • Be Careful About the Pronouns. The number use for the pronoun should agree with the number used for the noun which it refers. In other words if the noun is singular then the pronoun must be the same way. You have to be careful not to use first person or second person pronouns. This may be a little bit different than how you ordinarily write, but you will get used to it.

  • Do Not Refer To Yourself. You are not be asked directly give your opinion. Instead, this research paper concentrate on facts and the conclusions. Keep in mind always that objectivity is going to be critical to the writing of such a text.

  • Present Your Information. It is the primary reason why third person is used in the first place. It enables you to present the facts information of your research. The reader may argue with evidence, but curiosity level confronting you personally is pretty much wasted effort. It is one real advantage of the third person. This style writing avoids the cat fights that sometimes happens in academia. A critic may point to problems with your research for some of the findings, but your character is not being questioned.

  • Remember The Mechanics Of Writing A Paper. You still need to be mindful of transitions, the proper use of the verb tense, and other points of good composition. Third person is what APA would like to see, but that is in addition to a well written content.

You may have some difficulty writing because you are not use to doing that. It is understandable with students who are mathematically inclined, or more science oriented. Writing is not always their strongest suit. If you’re looking for some outside help try this company as a source. You’ll notice that the advice and guidance provided is exactly what you need to write a good paper. Third person is something that takes time to get used to using. We can give you a few suggestions to make it easier.


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