How To Find The Best Research Paper Topics On 1930s

Having to do a research paper on the 1930s is essentially a time piece. You will be going back decades to a place and era which is radically different than modern years. So many opinions and beliefs held during this time seem almost comical to us, but they were very seriously and hereto back in the day. There any number of interesting topics from which to choose, but you do not have to settle on the most common ones. Do a little bit of research on your own. You may uncover some very interesting tidbits of history from this era of the Great Depression and the rise of Nazi fascism.

  • Consult the History Books. This can be the first stop on your travel back in time. The history books of this era can be school texts or limes found in the library. You can look through the pages and uncover a topic no one else is even thinking. This is a good thing because originality can impress any teacher.

  • Go through the Archives of the Library. As long as you are in the building you may as well take a look at the archives in the basement. Many libraries keep copies of the newspapers and these may all be stored on tape. This can be even better than looking into the history books because the newspapers are the day-to-day experience of life in the 1930s. Here is where some very unique stories can come up.

  • Go Online. History websites are very popular and there may be several that cover topics from the nineteen thirties you may have an interest in. It would require having a Google search done but that is easy enough to do. You should come up with quite a bit of information.

  • Be Original in Your Selection. You want to have the best research topic, and that will mean going against the grain. A general paper on the Great Depression can be very boring but the effect of hard times on family units can be quite interesting. You also can demonstrate some original research that is going to be very impressive.

This is a learning process for you. As you go through the various subjects you may even develop a very firm interest in the time period. Some people look at this decade is the prelude to World War II, while others see it as a time when America changed dramatically. By all means take the opportunity to gain insights as you begin to work on this paper.


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