How To Organize A Research Paper Abstract In 20 Minutes?

An abstract is usually the shortest section of any essay. It usually ranges between 150- 300 words, however in certain cases, exceptions are accepted too. An abstract is the general outline of your essay where reader sometimes judges the quality by going through it.

It includes the essential information like summary, results, etc. If someone wants to examine and evaluate your work and judge it in shortest possible time, abstract should be examined. Usually active voice is used for writing abstracts, though passive voice is also used in certain cases. Since you are reporting your research process here, use past sentence and concise and complete sentences.

Ensure you make a rough draft and then give it a final touch so that you neither miss the significant points nor cross your word limit.

The major highlights of an abstract are-

  • It should reveal the overall objective of the investigation work you investigated.

  • It should also showcase the basic design of the study.

  • This section also reveals the major findings or trends as part of your analysis.

  • It should necessarily include the succinct summary of various interpretations and conclusion.

Furthermore, your abstract should never contain –

  • Background information at length.

  • References of other literatures

  • Incomplete sentences

  • Abbreviations, confusing terms or jargons

  • Any image, table, illustration or figure

First of all decide the type of abstract you are going to write - critical, descriptive, informative or highlight abstract.

  • Critical abstract: It makes judgment about the validity, completeness or reliability of the study conducted. Usually a comparative analysis is drawn in respect of other work in the same sphere. Such abstract ranges around 400-500 words as require additional interpretive commentary but are used in rare cases.

  • Descriptive Abstract: It neither includes any judgment nor provides the result or conclusion. It incorporates the keywords and includes the purpose, methods and scope of research. It is the summary or outline. These are shortest of all types and are of hardly 150 words.

  • Informative Abstract: Usually these are as long as 300 words. Such abstracts are not critical in nature. In this, the researcher reveals all the arguments and significant outcomes with explanation and based on the evidences. An informative abstract holds the information of the descriptive abstract and includes the results and conclusion.

  • Highlight Abstract: These are written to catch the reader’s attention. Under such abstracts, incomplete or important remarks are used to ignite the reader’s attention. This is not a true abstract and is hardly used for writing.

If you keep the above mentioned points in your mind, your abstract can be written in less than 20 minutes.


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