How To Create A Good Research Paper On Diabetes Mellitus

Medicine or biology students are often required to write research papers on some diseases. Usually it’s some kind of a well-known disease like, let us say, diabetes mellitus. For many learners, it’s quite a challenge. If diabetes is well-studied, what is the paper supposed to be about? Should it just be a copy of some pages of medical encyclopedia? Well, yes and no.

When writing a research paper on a wide-known subject, you usually aren’t supposed to find anything new about it. All you’re supposed to show is your deep knowledge of the subject. You are allowed to use quotes from various sources of information, however, the biggest part of the paper is to be written in your own words. That is, you are required to read about the disease in books and on websites and then retell it in writing.

The Structure of the Paper

Research papers and essays are supposed to teach students to systematize information. Your paper on diabetes mellitus should be well-structured. Here are some tips on how to organize it:

  • Give an overview on what diabetes mellitus is. You can start with the fact that it’s rather a group of metabolic diseases than “a disease”, list most of the symptoms and add some statistics on how many people around the world have diabetes

  • Tell some facts from the history of diabetes. As diabetes was known even as early as 1500 B.C., it has a long history. Try to find something about the researchers who first described it and some information on how it was treated.

  • Expand on the causes and symptoms of diabetes and describe the types of this disease. Here you can also mention some untypical symptoms and cases and their frequency among all other cases.

  • Describe the effects and complications of diabetes.

  • Make an overview of all methods of treatment and their effectiveness.

  • Write something on the possible ways to prevent diabetes and give your opinion whether it can be really prevented.

  • You can also make a list of all the most popular myths and misconceptions about diabetes and write why they are wrong or even dangerous.

  • Draw some conclusions. That is, a very brief summary of your whole paper: what diabetes is, how it can be treated, how and whether it can be prevented and why certain misconceptions about this disease are wrong.

  • Make the bibliography. That is, an alphabetized list of all the sources you used for your paper.

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