How To Write A High-Quality Research Paper - Nine Basic Structure Rules

One of the major evaluation tools that are used are research papers. The focus is to get you to learn more about a certain topic that relates to your course. It is also a great way to see if you understand and can apply the concepts that you are learning in class. To make sure that your write a high-quality paper, there are some structural rules you should follow.

  • Three main sections
  • There are three main sections that include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You may have several paragraphs for each section but these are the main sections of your paper and each have their own function.

  • Introduction
  • The introduction is where you will introduce the topic by giving background information and vocabulary. You can also present your thesis statement at the end of this section.

  • Body paragraphs
  • This is the main section of the paper. It is where you will prove your thesis statement. You should focus on having at least three supporting reasons to prove your thesis. Each idea may have its own paragraph or multiple paragraphs.


    You will wrap your paper up with a conclusion. It should state your main reasons and main point again.

  • Transitional phrases
  • You want your paper to flow nicely, so you should use transitional phrases to link between different paragraphs to help lead the reader through your paper.

  • Cited sources
  • You need to add cited sources to your paper as evidence. You will need to make sure that you give the sources proper credit.

  • Paragraph structure
  • Each paragraph will need to have a topic sentence, evidence to support your topic sentence, and an explanation as to why.

  • Formatting
  • Most teachers will require that you use a certain formatting style for your paper. You have to make sure to format your paper in accordance with the format that your instructor chose.

  • Additional pages
  • You may have to include additional pages like a title page, reference page, or appendices. These should all be formatted according to the formatting style that your instructor chose. They are all different so you may have to get a formatting guide to make sure that you are doing it correctly.

You have all of the information that you need to write a high-quality paper so get started.


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