What To Know About The Contents Of A Research Concept Paper

A research concept paper is a communicative introduction between the research scholars and the doctoral committee about the applied dissertation. It acts as a proposal, and through this a doctoral student can get an early feedback on his paper. So the research concept paper should be well planned to arrest the interest of the committee. This also gives the student a chance to establish the proposed plan for his paper.

If you have applied for a research program, then you should make your point clear about each and every prospect of getting into the business. First, you have to know about the correct time to write a concept paper. You have to write it prior to your dissertation work and it will act as the analysis of your work. It may continue in 2-3 pages or maximum in 10-20 pages. The main objective is to establish the main idea of your research work.

To present a good concept paper, you should follow the given steps:

  • Give a title - The title should be a conjectural title of the dissertation. It should possess the whole idea of your main research work. You should select the words for the title in such a way that the title gives the readers the whole planned idea of your work. Words should serve a fruitful purpose.

  • State the problem - After giving the title, provide the main aim of your work. In this section, you should make clear the problem of the investigation, i.e., you should write about the problem, and the reason behind your investigation. Clear the idea about why the scholars want to work on this topic and how can it help further.

  • Elementary literature review - Here, you have to provide the literary points supporting your point of view. Try to focus on the point which offer the students to get a chance to analyze the history of the chosen topic in context of the present problem.

  • State the aim - Provide the main objective of your work.

  • Questions - Present the questions in which you will work throughout the period of your research.

  • Methodology - Give the whole planning of your work. Clearly state the method of your work which you are about to follow.

  • Timeline - Mention the timeline of the project, i.e. the duration of the time you will take for the completion of the project. Mention the elements of each stage.

  • References - Mention the references you have used in your concept paper.


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