Practical Tips On How To Set Up A Research Paper Title Page

A title page is the first thing that your teacher and readers will see when they will look at your research paper. It’s important to pay attention to setting up this page because if readers find some mistakes in the very beginning of your document, it’ll make a bad impression on them. Even if your work is decent, such little details might influence your final score in a negative way. Here are some tips you should learn to format your first page properly.

  • Include your title.
  • This part is the most important one. You should write the name of your document in the very center of the page. There shouldn’t be any abbreviations. Some colleges and universities have special requirements related to the font size of this part, so consult your professor on this matter.

  • Include your personal details.
  • The next thing you should do is to include your personal details. This information should be center aligned and placed at the bottom of a page. Usually, the main details you should include are your name, your college or university, and the date of submission. Sometimes, you should also add the name of your instructor and indicate the level of your work (a research paper in your case), so specify this information with your professor. Use the standard font size for this part.

  • Include the running head.
  • A running head is a short version of your title that should be placed at the top of the page. Keep in mind that you’ll have to add a running head to each page of your document. Usually, a running head shouldn’t be longer than fifty characters. However, it’s advisable to specify this information with your instructor beforehand. A running head should be written in all caps and be left justified. The font size is standard.

  • Include the page number.
  • The last thing you need to do is to add the page number. You should use a header function that is available in applications for writing texts. This function will add the number to each new page of your research paper. The number should be right aligned. Make sure that the distance between the running head and the number is no less than five spaces.

These are the basic rules you should follow. However, some colleges and universities have individual requirements related to this matter. Always consult your teachers or instructors before you start working to avoid making mistakes and waste your time.


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