How To Apply The Correct Research Paper Title Format

While it may seem to be a small matter, the format of your research paper title is of vital importance to the overall success of your work. And the overall success of your work obviously affects your grade. While we’ve all heard the old saying about not judging a book by its cover, many people still do exactly that. Even university lecturers may fall prey to this bad habit. And that’s why it’s essential that your research paper title page be in the correct format. So, to avoid a poor grade simply because your lecturer took one look at your incorrectly designed title page and wrote off your entire research paper, read this handy guide. It will teach you all you need to know about how to apply the correct format to your title page.

Understand formatting styles

Before you can learn how to apply a certain format to your work, you need to understand exactly what it is. These styles are sets of guidelines that explain how you are supposed to design certain aspects of your work, such as your table of contents, in-text quotations, and list of references. This set of guidelines also normally covers the design of your title page. There are a number of these formatting styles, such as the APA style, the Chicago style and the MLA style.

Read your assignment brief carefully

Next, it’s important to remember that before you start working on your research paper, or any assignment for that matter, you need to spend some time reading the assignment brief extremely carefully. You’ll need to take note of any important details, like the due date. In addition to those details, you’ll need to keep an eye open for details about the style of your work. The assignment brief may tell you exactly which style to use.

Apply the style specified in your assignment question

Once you know which style you need to apply to your title page, you can do just that. If you are not familiar with the particular style that you’re expected to use, you can use the Internet to find the exact style guidelines that you’ll need to apply.

Hopefully, this handy guide has taught you how to apply the correct research paper title page format to your own work. Then you can get the good grade you deserve, and avoid having your lecturer give you a poor grade simply because your cover sheet has the wrong layout.


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