Basic Things You Ought To Know About The Economic Term Paper Format

Right, so you have been tasked with writing an economic term paper. If it is the first one that you have ever written then it is perfectly understandable that you should find yourself flapping. However, I have said this before and I will say it again, the subject really doesn’t matter. The sooner that you begin to understand that the term paper format is the same regardless of whether it is economics or applied physics the easier your life will be.

However, in case there is any shadow of doubt here are the basic things that you ought to know about the economic paper format:

Your introduction is critical

Most papers live or die by the strength of their introduction. You can frequently get away with some dubious content IF you have nailed the start of your term paper. This should set out definitively the scope of your work and what you intend to achieve by the end. You need to excite your reader and entice them with what is yet to come. If they only get to read one economic term paper in their whole lives then make sure that they want to read yours!

Don’t under-estimate the power of a strong title

A strong, compelling title that cuts to the very heart of the question that you are posing will buy you a lot of mileage. There is nothing worse than a brilliant term paper that is ruined by a rubbish title. Or a title that promises so much but falls flat on its face when the term paper fails to deliver.

Make sure that your research is current

With some subjects you will have a little bit of wriggle room when it comes to how current your research is. Economics is one of those subjects. Take for example the situation in Greece. There have been times when predicting what is going to happen from hour to hour are next to impossible. If your findings and research is in any way dated you will flounder.

Ensure your argument is valid

There are always two sides to an argument. It honestly doesn’t matter what side you choose to come down on provided you argue it successfully. Flimsy arguments that lack weight or gravitas will not go down well with whoever is marking your paper.

Write a robust conclusion

In a paper your introduction and conclusion need to carry equal weight. Please ensure that you tie up any loose strands and that that your economic assessment carries more weight than any counter-argument.


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