Manual On Writing A Cover Page For An MLA Research Paper

Modern language Association (MLA) is a format of research paper styles that are used most often in the humanities. Often humanities such as language and literature use this style. Professionals and students of English and foreign languages are among the people who use this type of citation formatting style. It is more concise and simpler than some of the other styles. Cover pages are not necessary in this style unless your professor requires you to do so. Most instructors feel that a paper with a title page looks more professional. Here are the facts about format a title page in the MLA citation style.

  • The title page should be double spaced

  • The letters should be centered

  • The font should be size 12, there is no definite font style but Arial is the most common type, it must be easily readable and consistent throughout the paper

  • There should be a 1 inch border around the page

  • Put your college or university on the top

  • 1/3 down the page type your title and sub-title if necessary

  • Skip down several lines and give your name

  • Under that give your course name and course number

  • Under that give your instructor name and paper’s due date
  • MLA is the writing style that many instructors, schools and academic departments use. It has been widely used for over 50 years. These guidelines are used all across North America and in other foreign countries. These countries include China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Brazil and some other countries in the world. They differ from the other styles of writing in a few different ways. One way is that the MLA doesn’t require an abstract like other styles do. MLA labels page numbers and the title in the right hand corner of each page while APA has the title on the left side and page numbers on the right side of each page. In-text citations are also treated differently. MLA uses the author-page format and the APA uses the date-page format. Lastly, the MLA format uses a works cited page while the APA style uses a references page. It’s the same general format but they are called different things. These are just a few of the differences between MLA and other writing styles. MLA is definitely a simpler, easier type of formatting style. If you follow this link, (insert your website here), you can find all the differences between writing styles as well as exactly how to complete your essay in MLA writing style.


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