Choosing A Topic For A Research Paper Related To Tourism: 17 Ideas

Writing research papers is fun as long as you are interested in the subject. You can create an effective paper only if you know what you are going to address and what you want to achieve through this paper. If you are clear about the purpose and direction of your paper, then you can easily create an assignment that will win over your audience. When you pick a title of your assignment, you have to make sure you choose the right direction and niche. Do not talk about subjects that are repetitive or obsolete. The assignment should point towards something unique and interesting, which will add to the existing knowledge about the subject

If you are not sure how to pick an engaging topic in tourism, you should look at the following suggestions and pick one that suits you the best

Topics for a research paper in tourism

  1. What is ecotourism and how do people perceive it in the Europe

  2. Which destination in Britain can be made an ecotourism spot

  3. What is the benefit of ecotourism to local businesses? What factors effect ecotourism buying behavior

  4. How is ecotourism better in developing economies as compared to the developed ones

  5. How does integrated marketing communication relate to ecotourism

  6. What is dark or black tourism and how does it benefit the local economies

  7. What is the best practice to promote dark tourism sites that are not yet famous

  8. The attitude of foreign tourists towards dark tourism versus ecotourism

  9. How does a natural disaster site look different from a manmade black tourism site

  10. Is it ethically correct to promote and encourage dark tourism sites of suffering and death and earn through them

  11. How do visitors see dark tourism in less developed economies like Asia and Africa

  12. How does hospitality matter for choosing a hotel in a foreign land

  13. The hotel Grand Budapest what do you know about it and what do tourists see in it

  14. Is brand awareness and brand consciousness dominant in hotel industry

  15. How does the internet influence and impact decision making for travel agencies and tourism spots

  16. How do people make a choice when their expected budgets are nowhere near the actual costs of a trip

  17. How does terrorism effect tourism industry, the case of Pakistan from 70’s to now


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