Ideas For Writing: What Is An Easy Topic For A Research Paper?

Selecting the right research topic is as important as doing the actual writing work in itself. Studying a particular topic, collecting test results and then analyzing all the data - this can take a long time. This is why you need to select a topic that is not only easy but is of interest to you. Otherwise, the whole process can become very tiresome. There are thousands of possibilities for a good paper topic depending on the subject and the field you are looking at. Here is a list of a few easy topics to help you think of similar ones in your field:

Easy ideas for research topics:

  • Benefits & Defects of homeschooling

  • The truth behind Fad diets

  • Influence of online social networking sites on intelligence in children

  • How companies market their products to children

  • Benefits and disadvantages of school uniforms

  • Is cyber security just an illusion?

  • How have oil spills affected our environment?

Selecting an easy topic:

Just like the above topics, which are in varied fields of interest - there are numerous possibilities for you to find an easy topic on a particular subject.

The only criteria that you need to remember when you decide on a topic for your paper are that it has to be specific. The topic should give you one or two particular subjects to study, instead of several.

As mentioned before, selecting a topic that interests you is probably the best idea. This will also be the simplest topic for you to deal with. If you pick a subject that you don’t know anything about or are absolutely disinterested in, you will find that you have no enthusiasm to follow the paper through which will only make your work more difficult.

It is also a good idea to do some quick prior research - in the library and on the internet and other resources to figure out if there are enough data and material for you to search through. If you are looking for an easy topic to study, it will not be helpful if you barely find any material to look through and study in detail. The more material and previous studies conducted on the subject that there are - the easier it will be for you to do your own studying.

Finding an easy topic to write your paper depends entirely on what you think is interesting and how much material there is for you to study.


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