What To Know About The APA Format Research Paper Layout

The APA format research paper is one of the most popular formats out there. You will have to read the manual or go through some sample. Here are a few pointers on how you can write a paper based on the APA format. Even then it is best to learn the official manual before you decide to start. The right format will get you better grades.

Things to keep in mind when writing a research paper in the APA format:

  • The first thing you must do is get a copy of the Publication Manual issued by the American Psychological Association's or the APA. You can get one from the official website or you can even get them at libraries and bookstalls. But make sure it is updated version with all the relevant instructions.
  • Most of the word processing software has a specific layout called the APA layout. If your software does not have that style you can always download it from the internet.
  • You will have to understand the format before you begin with the first draft. Only when you know the format properly, will you be able to create a sound structure for your paper. You will have to use a general typeface like the Times New Roman. The front should be readable in size, 12pt is preferred. You will also have to check the spacing between lines and paragraphs.
  • You will have to know the format and that also includes knowing which part comes after which one. The components will have to be arranged in the right order if you want the paper to make sense. You will start with the title page and follow it with the abstract. Once you have written the abstract you will begin the body of the paper.
  • Whenever you insert a table you will have use a fresh page. Make sure you write a reference page between the main text and table. The similar rule applies when starting an appendix or drawing a figure. You will always have to use a fresh page for these purposes.
  • You will include headers in the abstract section. Do not make it too long. You will have to keep it within a 250 words. A short abstract of around 200 words will be best suited for the format.
  • The body of the paper will be divided in three main sections i.e. method, result and discussion.

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