Completing A European History Research Paper In The APA Format

The type of citation style that your professor requests is purely something they like to read. It creates conformity among the papers so the professor can find what they want to find in each paper in the same place. The APA formatting style is usually for the behavioral and social sciences. Here is how you can complete a European history research paper in the APA format:

  • This citation style requires a Title Page. This makes your paper look professional which will set the tone for the rest of your paper. The title of your essay, the name of your school and the course you are taking, and your name should be included on the title page. You should center all of this information in the middle of the page with each of the three items double-spaced.

  • The entire paper should be3 in 12 point font and should be double-spaced. The suggested font style is Times New Roman.

  • After your Title Page you will want to include the Abstract. This is generally around 150 words and includes your thesis statement and why it is a good idea to read the paper. It also reviews the main points of the paper. It may be the only thing that people read to decide if they want to read the entire paper so don’t take this section lightly.

  • After your Abstract would come your Introduction. It is here that you tell about your methods that you use in your work as well as the results of your tests. You will want to put any of your supporting tables and graphs here as well. You should take this opportunity to elaborate about your successes and your findings and pat yourself on the back because of your accomplishments.

  • The body of your work would come after your introduction when you can detail all of your procedures and why you did what you did. The implications of your results should also be included here.

  • Your conclusion of your paper comes next that will summarize your thesis statement and all of your findings based on your experiments. Tell about the importance of your findings as well.

  • Next would come your Reference list. You should use software available so that your citation style is correct and you don’t make stupid mistakes that will take points off your grade.

  • If you have an Appendix, you should put it here. This is where you would put any tables that may have been too lengthy to include in your introduction.

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