Selecting Interesting Research Paper Topics Related To Science: Tips And Examples

Science is an amazing subject. There is such a wide range of topics to choose from that there is no reason why you will not be able to find something unique and fun to learn about. You can find anything you want to know about and focus on the science behind it. Not only are the possibilities limitless, but the ability to make it your own is staggering. Here we will attempt to streamline your choices and create some ideas that will grab your reader and spark the imagination.

  • The civil war was a unique time in American History. Yes, this may seem like a history topic, but look at the science that went behind it. The weapons and strategies that were created to fight this war were cutting edge science at the time. Or look at the science behind what it would take to recover some of the artifacts, especially those lost in the Mississippi River.

  • Traveling to space was a new venture 30 years ago. Now we know so much more behind the process. Highlight things you think will be coming in the future and what you think are the biggest problems that will need to be overcome.

  • Our ocean is vast, and we know so very little about it. In fact, there is more technology that focuses on space travel than on deep sea diving. Create an idea and project about what you think it would take to create colonization under the sea like we have in space. How is it different? How is it similar?

  • Write a paper about cancer research and what new technologies are available now. Are there more advances in a particular type of cancer? What cancers seem to get less attention and research and what ideas do you have to make more awareness?

As you can see, these ideas really only scratch the surface of all that is available to you. Take the time and find something that really interests you and learn the science behind it. You will find that everything we have has a story behind it. It is your job to find that story and make it one that every person will want to hear. This is an opportunity to let your voice be heard and to give your ideas a chance to be noticed by everyone. Embrace it fully and enjoy it.


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