What Are The Basic Research Methods For A Term Paper

Research is considered the backbone of writing a term paper. This research must be done according to acceptable research methods and/or standards. The first step is defining of these methods and standards. Here are some of the methods to consider in term paper writing.

  1. Literature search: Unless specified, it is the most useful method in term paper writing. In fact, many lecturers will not require you to go beyond a literature search. Secondary methods of data collection involve use of sources such as journal articles and books on the topics in question - these must be considered. The main thing in using these sources is to trace what other researchers or reviewers have found out on the topic. The next step is to include summaries of their findings in your work. It is advisable to consider peer reviewed journal articles as the most outstanding sources of secondary information, since they are considered as more credible and authoritative. In addition, ensure to trace the most recent works on the topic. .

  2. Interviews: Although not so common for term paper writing, a student might use the method to gather additional data on the topic. Interviewing professionals or people attached to matters in question can not only provide up-to-date information, but also can it provide personal-based in-depth insight on these issues. One can simplify the process by adopting telephone interviews.

  3. Surveys: A survey is merely an opinion-based data and information collection method. Surveys can be based on questionnaires, which are filled by individuals in relation to the matter in question. The most important stage in surveying is sample selection. Consider how you can select a more inclusive sample and understand how to reduce different types of biases. Email surveys and telephone surveys are considered faster. In deed, these make surveying the fastest method of collecting data and information.  

  4. Case study: A case study is a more specific discussion formed around a given subject, country or organization, detailing how they handle or handled a problem/challenge in question. One needs to pick a company, individual or country, for instance. A case study is preferable method because only opinion is employed in drawing inferences or generalizations. Thus, youdo not need to do any experiments when a case study is the sole method. However, one might need to consider more than one case study.


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