How To Cite Your Sources In A Research Paper: 5 Good Formatting Tips

Formatting an outline is mandatory in a research paper. Outlining assists in organizing the work, its sources and setting up the formatting of the paper. It also offers an idea as in how the research paper will be written. On some occasions, such sources guide through the instructions offered by the teachers and the professors and sometimes the writers have to be creative to format the paper.

Consider the pointers to format the research paper sources-

  • The title of the source includes the outline of the roadmap: It will assist you to arrange your points in chronological, topical, spatial and in from the perspective of problem solving and cause effective way. Try to keep the terms and the language similar in terms of main points cited. Write the primary points in complete sentences and not in fragments. Write points and sub points under the title. Come up with key ideas and allot proper time to each section. Your sub points can be in the form of either complete sentences or fragments too. Cite at least four sources in context of the speech. The source could be through books, chapters, magazines, newspaper articles, expert’s interview, through the statements of knowledgeable individuals, websites, internet sources or electronic media.

  • The sources also assist the writer in organizing his thoughts and the arguments. Write your paper in a sophisticated, creative and simple way structuring simple formula. The thesis should direct the writer and assist him in sketching and outlining the argument. Your outlined source should be logical and should support the thesis regarding each point. Construct your paragraphs based on the title of the research paper sources.

  • Cite the name of the authors: Do not forget to write the names of the author’s name, the title, and the genre of the book. If the source has a central idea relating to your work, you can introduce it in one or two separate sentences summarizing the significance.

  • Include sources that have quotations: The quotations should not be too long. Sometimes you may require making modifications in words so that it fits the format of the research paper. Never change too many words otherwise the meaning might change completely.

  • Listing References: A Bibliography includes the list of all the resources employed in the research process. It includes the author’s names, title’s works, company’s names, locations, dates of the copies published and the page number of the sources. Briefly describe the usefulness of the content, sources and its quality.

  • Follow the above stated points and cite your sources successfully in a research paper.


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