Composing A Strong Conclusion For A Research Paper On Diabetes

You are likely to assume that the conclusion of a research paper should be taken lightly considering that much of the work has already been done. This should not be the case. A lot of serious attention needs to go towards writing the conclusion. This will ensure that you complete your paper in a resounding manner and thus leave a lasting or convincing impression in the mind of the reader. Here are tips that should help you construct a good conclusion.

  • Tie All Your Ideas
  • Use the conclusion to bind all the points presented in the discussion or body of your paper. The conclusion aligns all arguments towards the point you intended to make. It relates the points given in the body to the assertion made in the thesis statement. Your conclusion should therefore provide a justification for all efforts made at proving the point in the body.

  • Make Your Closing Statement
  • The conclusion provides a platform to make your closing remarks. While the discussion or body is used to analyze what other authors have to say about an idea or topic, the conclusion is your chance to give personal input. Use the conclusion to derive a conclusion that favors your stand on the topic under discussion. The statement derived must have been implied in the body through relevant discussion. The conclusion only serves to reveal the point that you were trying to make.

  • No New Materials
  • You are not allowed to include new materials in the conclusion. New materials necessitate further discussion and may even alter the direction of your argument. Stick to a summary of what has already been discussed in the body of your research paper. At the same time, ensure that the conclusion is not a simplistic summary. It should add value to the discussion especially by tying the points discussed to the thesis statement.

  • Do Not Apologize
  • It is possible to find new information that does not agree with your thesis statement. Never mention that in the conclusion. Instead, concentrate on the points that support your position. Avoid indicating what should be studied further because it does not add value to your work. Such recommendations are made independently at a section designated for that purpose.

The conclusion to your research paper must pronounce your stand on an issue. It gives your point of view based on the evidence presented. It also creates a link between the thesis statement and the points presented.


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